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Posted on April 29th at 9:30 PM
Tagged as: Lego Convention. U jelly?.
  1. reggie-a reblogged this from askchoco-pepper
  2. willowhearttheunicorn said: omg you’re freakin adorable! O.o
  3. askstripes said: Yes…I’m jelly
  4. ascendedfallen said: You’re pretty ^-^
  5. boojiggy said: That poor guy in the background he looks so upset you stepped on that xDD
  6. echmiadzin said: Holy carp that’s a lot of legos
  7. docbillart said: …were you willingly stepping on Legos? What in God’s name…?!
  8. wolfnanaki said: I AM SO JEALOUS YOU HAVE NO IDEA
  9. queryconsul said: So many legos…GLORIOUS!
  10. wookiara said: So jelly. All of my jelly, in fact.
  11. ask-little-emerald said: Wow. That bed of lego looks painful.
  12. amnestie said: STYLIN’
  13. askchoco-pepper posted this

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